151 Best & Exciting – Would you Rather Questions for Couples

Would you rather Questions for couples, are the easiest way to initiate exciting conversations. Its easy on brain. Fun to play. And the best way to enjoy quality time with your partner.

would you rather questions for couples

From being in a relationship to helping other couples for 9 years. Using my experience, I have collected the best would you rather questions from all over the internet. So you can enjoy them right Away. 

List of Would you Rather Questions for Couples

I have breakdown these questions into simple categories for you to pick the right ones easily. Here’s the list –

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Romantic "Would you rather" Questions for couples.

romantic would you rather questions for couples
  1. Would you rather receive a love letter or go on a surprise trip?
  2. Words or actions to express love from your partner?
  3. Remember important dates or surprise you randomly throughout the year?
  4. Slow dance with your partner or a passionate kiss in the rain?
  5. Surprise bouquet of flowers or a heartfelt love letter?
  6. Dancing skills or singing talents from your partner?
  7. Date night under the stars or cozy movie night at home?
  8. Slow dances in the living room or night of dancing out?
  9. Surprise date nights or thoughtful anniversary surprises?
  10. Fireplace cuddling or romantic stargazing?
  11.  Having a romantic photo shoot or creating a scrapbook of memories?
  12. Having a candlelit bath together or a playful water fight?
  13. Watching a romantic comedy or a thrilling action movie together?
  14. Taking a couples’ spa day or giving each other massages at home?
  15. Exchanging heartfelt gifts or creating handmade surprises?

Intimate "Would you rather" questions for couples

  1. Would you rather have a partner who enjoys cuddling or one who loves giving massages?
  2. Love bites or sensual caresses?
  3. Massage with oils or a steamy shower together?
  4. Bedroom role-play or spontaneous surprises?
  5. Soft and gentle or rough and passionate?
  6. Blindfolded or tied up during intimacy?
  7. Intimate shower together or a steamy hot tub encounter?
  8. Passionate kisses or gentle nibbles?.
  9. Full body massage or intimate foot rub?
  10. Silk or lace lingerie?
  11. Foreplay or direct action?
  12. Public display of affection or private intimacy?
  13. Deep, lingering kisses or feather-light touches?
  14. Striptease or lap dance?
  15. Embracing your fantasies or creating new ones together?
  16. Sensory play with ice or feathers?
  17.  Experimenting with new positions or sticking to favorites?
  18. Pleasure-focused or role-playing scenarios?
  19. Soft caresses or firm grips?
  20. Sensual massage or sensual dance?

"Would You Rather" Questions for Foodie Couples

  1. Would you rather have breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant?
  2. Favorite meal cooked for you or surprise date night?
  3. Homemade pizza or gourmet burgers?
  4. Sweet desserts or savory appetizers?
  5. Coffee or tea with your favorite pastry?
  6. Spicy cuisine or mild flavors?
  7. Fine dining experience or food truck adventure?
  8. Brunch or dinner date?
  9. Tacos or sushi rolls?
  10. Pasta or stir-fry?
  11. Wine tasting or craft beer sampling?
  12. Chocolate or cheese as a dessert?
  13. Homemade ice cream or artisanal gelato?
  14. Street food feast or upscale dining?
  15. Freshly baked bread or artisanal pastries?
  16. BBQ ribs or grilled seafood?
  17. Authentic ethnic cuisine or fusion dishes?
  18. Farmer’s market haul or grocery store convenience?
  19. Traditional breakfast or brunch buffet?
  20. Classic steak dinner or seafood extravaganza?
  21. Food and wine pairing or cocktail tasting?
  22. Food festival or cooking class?

"Would you Rather" Questions for couples Adventure

  1. Would you rather go on a romantic picnic or take a sunset stroll on the beach?
  2. Going on a scenic train ride or a relaxing boat cruise?
  3. Exploring a new city together or rediscovering your own city like tourists?
  4. Going on a hike to a beautiful lookout or a picnic by a serene lake?
  5. Exploring a local art exhibit or attending a live music performance?
  6. Beach vacation or mountain getaway?
  7. Explore historical sites or immerse in local culture?
  8. Road trip with friends or solo backpacking adventure?
  9. Camping in the wilderness or luxury hotel stay?
  10. City exploration or off-the-beaten-path adventure?
  11. Scuba diving or skydiving?
  12. Explore a new continent or revisit a favorite destination?
  13. Hiking in the mountains or exploring caves?
  14. Visit famous landmarks or discover hidden gems?
  15. Adventure park with thrilling rides or scenic nature hike?
  16. Guided tour or self-exploration?
  17. Island hopping or exploring a vibrant city?
  18. Backpacking through Europe or exploring Asia?
  19. Foodie tour sampling local cuisine or cooking class in a foreign country?
  20. Safari adventure or tropical rainforest exploration?
  21. Explore ancient ruins or go on a wildlife safari?
  22. Zip-lining through the jungle or bungee jumping from a bridge?
  23. Road trip through scenic landscapes or cruise along a picturesque coastline?
  24. Explore a bustling city by foot or by bike?
  25. Sunset cruise or sunrise hot air balloon ride?

Funny "Would you rather Questions" for Couples

funny would you rather questions for couples
  1. Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or a pet unicorn?
  2. Mismatched shoes or clown wig?
  3. Personal theme song or cheering section?
  4. Wear a cape or funny hat?
  5. Flying carpet or talking parrot?
  6. Understand animals but not humans or speak every language except your own?
  7. Hop on one foot or do cartwheels to get around?
  8. Endless favorite snack or eat anything without gaining weight?
  9. Make people dance or burst into laughter?
  10. Talk to inanimate objects or make things disappear by snapping?
  11. Rain candy or produce any item from a bag?
  12. Read minds when people think about food or communicate with sleepy animals?
  13. Personal robot servant or talking animal companion?
  14. Control weather in your area or make anyone tell the truth when you’re not interested?
  15. Perfect parking spot or never wait in line?
  16. Permanent clown face or clown nose?
  17. Rewind button for your life or pause button for the world?

Dirty "would you rather" Questions for Couples

  1. Would you rather whisper seductive words in your partner’s ear or leave passionate love notes for them to find?
  2. Blindfold your partner and tease them with sensual surprises or have your partner blindfold you and take control?
  3. Explore new erogenous zones on your partner or have your partner explore yours?
  4. Add edible treats into your intimate moments or experiment with light bondage and restraints?
  5. Explore a new bedroom toy or introduce erotic games into your intimate moments?
  6. Have a slow, sensual dance or engage in a playful pillow fight?
  7. Experiment with ice cubes or engage in body painting with edible chocolate?
  8. Explore a naughty adult store together or have a private lingerie fashion show?
  9. Take turns blindfolding each other or engage in light spanking?
  10. Engage in deep, passionate eye contact or explore the power of gentle touch?
  11. Write and perform a love song for your partner or create a personalized intimate playlist?
  12. Share a steamy make-out session in an elevator or in a movie theater?

Deep "would your rather" Questions for couples

deep would you rather questions for couples
  1. Would you rather be very rich or very wise?
  2. Would you rather be loved by many but not understood, or understood by one but not loved widely?
  3. Would you rather change the past or predict the future?
  4. Would you rather live without art or live without science?
  5. Would you rather heal emotional pain or physical ailments?
  6. Would you rather speak all languages or play all musical instruments?
  7. Would you rather bring world peace or end all poverty?
  8. Would you rather control time or control the elements (earth, air, fire, water)?
  9. Would you rather read minds or see into hearts?
  10. Would you rather change society’s perception of beauty or end discrimination?
  11. Would you rather end hunger or cure all diseases?
  12. Would you rather travel through history or explore the universe?
  13. Would you rather erase past mistakes or know all life’s answers?
  14. Would you rather bring happiness to others or find inner peace?
  15. Would you rather fly or be invisible?
  16. Would you rather live without pain but also without pleasure, or experience pleasure and pain?
  17. Would you rather control minds or control the weather?
  18. Would you rather teleport or have a perfect photographic memory?
  19. Would you rather bring back a loved one or prevent tragedies?
  20. Would you rather change lives for the better or gain all world knowledge?

Career & Relationship "Would you Rather" Questions for Couples

  1. Successful career but limited time for relationship or fulfilling relationship with a modest career?
  2. High-stress job with good pay or low-stress job with less pay but more time with your partner?
  3. Supportive partner or partner with the same career aspirations?
  4. Frequent travel with financial stability or staying close to home with less financial security?
  5. Competitive environment with promotions or cooperative environment with work-life balance?
  6. Partner as colleague or partner in a different field?
  7. Prioritize career or relationship during important milestones?
  8. Remote work and time with partner or in-person work with professional growth?
  9. Partner who earns more or emotionally supportive partner?
  10. Passionate job with financial uncertainty or stable job without passion?
  11. Demanding work schedule or flexible work schedule for more time together?
  12. Relocation for career or stable location with fewer opportunities?
  13. Partner prioritizing career or relationship?
  14. Job making positive impact or better work-life balance?
  15. Partner understanding career demands or valuing quality time?
  16. Networking job or job with more personal time?
  17. Partner as supervisor or in a different department?
  18. Job with benefits but limited growth or job with growth but fewer benefits?
  19. Partner sharing ambitions or partner with different perspectives?
  20. Job with work-life balance or job with prestigious titles?


What are Would You Rather questions for couples?

“Would You Rather” questions for couples are a fun and interactive way to spark conversation, learn more about each other, and explore different scenarios together. These questions present two options, and you have to choose one, leading to intriguing discussions and revealing insights into each other’s preferences and perspectives

How can "Would You Rather" questions benefit couples?

“Would you rather” questions make it easier for couples to talk openly and understand each other more. When you ask and answer these fun questions, you get to know each other’s preferences, desires, and values. This leads to better empathy and a stronger connection between you both. You can laugh together and create happy memories, making your relationship stronger and more positive.

Are these questions suitable for all couples?

Absolutely! “Would You Rather” questions are designed to be adaptable and customizable, catering to the preferences and comfort levels of each couple. You can choose questions that align with your relationship dynamics and tailor them to suit your specific interests and boundaries.

Can these questions deepen our understanding of each other?

Yes! “Would You Rather” questions game for couples encourage open communication and provide insights into your partner’s preferences, values, and decision-making processes. They can uncover hidden desires, preferences, and even fears, leading to a deeper understanding and connection between partners.

Are there any sensitive topics we should avoid with these questions?

While “Would You Rather” questions are meant to be fun, it’s essential to be mindful of each other’s boundaries. Avoid questions that touch on sensitive or triggering topics, such as past traumas, sensitive family matters, or personal insecurities. It’s crucial to create a safe and comfortable environment for both partners to enjoy the experience.


In conclusion, Would You Rather questions for couples provide an enjoyable way for you and your partner to discover more about each other. Through these questions, I have personally enjoyed lots of fun conversations, had laughter & made memories. It has deepened our understanding and brought us closer as a couple. Whether we find questions online or create our own, the focus is on having fun and building our relationship.

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