100+ Actually Fun – This or That Questions for couples in Love

Are you and your partner looking for fresh way to explore each other? I can help you with actually fun best this or that questions for couples.

this or that questions for couples

“This or That” questions – a delightful game that effortlessly ignites curiosity and opens doors to exciting possibilities.

Through personal experience, I’ve discovered the profound impact “This or That” questions can have on our relationship. They have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures, spark lively debates, and strengthen the emotional bond.

List of This or That questions for couples

Using my 9 years of relationship experience, I have collected & divided the best this or that questions for couples into 10 categories. That will help you explore the power of choice & the joy of discovery.

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Fun This or That Questions for couples

fun this or that questions for couple
  1. Game night at home or a night out at a board game café?
  2. Camping in the wilderness or staying in a luxurious hotel?
  3. Roller coaster ride or Ferris wheel?
  4. Karaoke night or dance party at home?
  5. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  6. Mini golf or bowling?
  7. Movie marathon at home or a trip to the cinema?
  8. Road trip or a spontaneous flight to a new destination?
  9. Comedy club or live music concert?
  10. Trivia night at a local bar or a paint and sip class?
  11. Roller skating or ice skating?
  12. Coffee date or bubble tea date?
  13. DIY project together or trying out a new recipe?
  14. Scavenger hunt or escape room experience?
  15. Wine tasting or beer tasting?
  16. Museum visit or amusement park visit?
  17. Video game tournament or a friendly game of cards?
  18. A day at the beach or a day at the park?
  19. Trying out a new restaurant or cooking a meal together at home?
  20. A hike in nature or exploring a new city?

Romantic This or That Questions for couples

romantic this or that questions for couple
  1. Flowers or chocolates?
  2. Candlelit dinner at home or a fancy restaurant?
  3. Sunset walk on the beach or stargazing in a secluded spot?
  4. Romantic comedy or heartfelt drama for a movie night?
  5. Breakfast in bed or a surprise lunch date?
  6. Love letters or sweet text messages?
  7. Cuddling on the couch or dancing together in the living room?
  8. Surprise weekend getaway or planned vacation?
  9. Cooking together or ordering takeout?
  10. Holding hands or hugging tightly?
  11. Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset?
  12. Romantic walks in the park or adventurous hikes in the mountains?
  13. A hot air balloon ride or a scenic boat cruise?
  14. Wine tasting or chocolate tasting?
  15. Surprise date night planned by you or surprise date night planned by your partner?
  16. Watching a live theater performance or attending a live concert?
  17. Romantic picnic in the park or a picnic by the lake?
  18. A handwritten love poem or a heartfelt serenade?
  19. Sharing a dessert or having separate desserts?
  20. Weekend brunch together or a cozy breakfast in bed?

Flirty This or That Questions for couples

flirty this or that questions for couple
  1. Kiss on the cheek or a lingering hand touch?
  2. Whispering sweet nothings or sending flirty text messages?
  3. Candlelit dinner or a romantic picnic under the stars?
  4. Slow dance or a playful dance-off?
  5. Love notes hidden around the house or surprise love letters?
  6. Complimenting appearance or complimenting personality?
  7. Holding hands or cuddling close?
  8. A surprise date night out or a surprise date night in?
  9. Sending a playful wink or a seductive smile?
  10. Breakfast in bed or a steamy morning shower together?
  11. Playfully stealing a kiss or asking for a passionate one?
  12. Sharing a dessert or feeding each other bites?
  13. Giving a sensual massage or a teasing tickle fight?
  14. Going for a romantic walk or a spontaneous road trip?
  15. Whisking them away for a surprise weekend getaway or planning a romantic staycation?
  16. Writing a love poem or singing a love song?
  17. Surprise lingerie or surprise role-play costume?
  18. Sending a flirty selfie or leaving a flirty voicemail?
  19. Giving a foot massage or a back massage?
  20. Exchanging playful challenges or engaging in a flirty truth or dare game?

Funny This or That Questions for couples

  1. Snuggle in a blanket fort or build a pillow fort?
  2. Prank each other or play harmless jokes?
  3. Shower together or take turns?
  4. Accidentally farting in public or accidentally burping in public?
  5. Sharing a toothbrush or sharing a pair of socks?
  6. Dancing the tango together or attempting synchronized swimming?
  7. Making funny faces in every photo or always photobombing each other?
  8. Accidentally calling your partner by an embarrassing pet name in public or accidentally tripping in public?
  9. Cry rainbow-colored tears or fart rainbow-colored gas balls?
  10. Having to wear matching couple outfits every day or never being able to match your clothes?
  11. Always speaking in baby talk or always speaking in a foreign accent?
  12. Taking up synchronized snoring or synchronized sneezing?
  13. Have three hands or three legs?
  14. Wear underwear one size too small or shoes two sizes too big?

Spicy This or That Questions for couples

spicy this or that questions for couple
  1. Blindfolded massage or blindfolded taste testing?
  2. Role-playing scenario or truth or dare?
  3. Sensual dance or strip tease?
  4. Making out in a public place or making out in a secluded spot?
  5. Body paint or edible lingerie?
  6. Taking a steamy shower together or a bubble bath together?
  7. Trying out a new sex position or experimenting with new toys?
  8. Sending a racy text message or a provocative photo?
  9. Having a midnight rendezvous or a spontaneous quickie?
  10. Trying out BDSM or engaging in light bondage?
  11. Skinny-dipping in a private pool or having a late-night beach escapade?
  12. Whispering dirty talk or engaging in sexy role-play conversations?
  13. Mutual massage with scented oils or using ice cubes for sensory play?
  14. Introducing adult board games or watching erotic movies together?
  15. Engaging in a prolonged make-out session or engaging in a passionate kiss in public?
  16. Testing out new aphrodisiac foods or indulging in aphrodisiac drinks?
  17. Striptease performance by your partner or a lap dance from your partner?
  18. Having a passionate make-out session or engaging in a steamy make-out session with no touching?
  19. Setting up a romantic bedroom ambiance or setting up a naughty bedroom ambiance?
  20. Trying out new bedroom techniques or engaging in role reversals?

Intimate This or That Questions for couples

  1. Slow and sensual or passionate and intense?
  2. Blindfolded pleasure or whispered seduction?
  3. Hot shower or silky bubble bath together?
  4. Feather tickling or light spanking?
  5. Foreplay or afterplay?
  6. Massage with oil or massage with lotion?
  7. Soft whispers or naughty commands?
  8. Silk sheets or satin restraints?
  9. Full body massage or foot rub?
  10. Whispered fantasies or shared secrets?
  11. Kiss on the lips or kiss on the neck?
  12. Gentle caresses or passionate bites?
  13. Slow and sensual or fast and intense?
  14. Whispered compliments or dirty talk?
  15. Eye contact or closed eyes during intimacy?
  16. Soft lingerie or going commando?
  17. Playful nibbles or tender kisses?
  18. Being in control or surrendering control?
  19. Sensual massage or erotic role play?
  20. Morning intimacy or nighttime intimacy?

Dirty This or That Questions for couples

dirty this or that questions for couple
  1. Blindfolds or handcuffs?
  2. Spanking or biting?
  3. Dominant or submissive?
  4. Role-playing or using sex toys?
  5. Rough and intense or slow and sensual?
  6. Bondage or sensory deprivation?
  7. Power play or sensation play?
  8. Dirty talk or silent anticipation?
  9. Impact play (spanking, paddling) or sensation play (feathers, ice)?
  10. Using restraints or incorporating food into intimate activities?
  11. Rough hair-pulling or gentle neck kissing?
  12. Being tied up or tying up your partner?
  13. Using a blindfold or using a gag?
  14. Role-playing as strangers or role-playing a specific scenario/fantasy?
  15. Trying out BDSM or exploring sensory play?
  16. Using a feather tickler or using a flogger?
  17. Engaging in temperature play (hot wax, ice) or using impact toys?
  18. Incorporating bondage with ropes or using bondage restraints?
  19. Engaging in dominance and submission (D/s) or exploring switch roles?
  20. Experimenting with light pain (spanking, nipple play) or exploring more intense pain (impact toys, nipple clamps)?

Deep This or That Questions for couples

deep this or that questions for couple
  1. Truth or happiness?
  2. Love or loyalty?
  3. Forgiveness or justice?
  4. Adventure or stability?
  5. Vulnerability or independence?
  6. Passion or security?
  7. Truth or comfort?
  8. Growth or contentment?
  9. Intimacy or freedom?
  10. Purpose or fulfillment?
  11. Stability or excitement?
  12. Solitude or companionship?
  13. Risk or certainty?
  14. Authenticity or acceptance?
  15. Legacy or living in the present?
  16. Knowledge or experience?
  17. Change or consistency?
  18. Idealism or realism?
  19. Compassion or ambition?
  20. Depth or breadth?

This or That Questions for couples Relationship

  1. Quality time or acts of service?
  2. Words of affirmation or physical touch?
  3. Surprise gestures or consistent small acts of kindness?
  4. Deep conversations or playful banter?
  5. Planning ahead or going with the flow?
  6. Sharing hobbies or exploring new interests together?
  7. Expressing love through gifts or through experiences?
  8. Open and honest communication or giving each other space?
  9. Celebrating big milestones or cherishing everyday moments?
  10. Supporting each other’s dreams or finding shared goals?
  11. Being each other’s biggest cheerleaders or providing constructive criticism?
  12. Making decisions together or taking turns deciding?
  13. Growing together as a couple or maintaining individual growth?
  14. Keeping things spontaneous or having a predictable routine?
  15. Creating traditions together or trying new things all the time?
  16. Being best friends or passionate lovers?
  17. Focusing on the present moment or planning for the future?
  18. Sharing responsibilities equally or dividing tasks based on strengths?
  19. Being each other’s rock in tough times or making each other laugh?
  20. Embracing each other’s quirks or finding common ground in interests?

Random This or That Questions for couples

random this or that questions for couple
  1. Cuddling on the couch or cuddling in bed?
  2. Fancy dinner date or casual picnic date?
  3. Movie night at home or movie night at the cinema?
  4. Walking hand in hand or arm in arm?
  5. Surprise gift or heartfelt love letter?
  6. Sharing dessert or having separate desserts?
  7. Cooking together or ordering takeout?
  8. Board games or video games?
  9. Dancing in the kitchen or slow dancing in a dimly lit room?
  10. Romantic walk on the beach or adventurous hike in the mountains?
  11. DIY project together or taking a dance class together?
  12. Surprise date planned by you or surprise date planned by your partner?
  13. Karaoke night or game night with friends?
  14. Breakfast in bed or breakfast at a cozy cafe?
  15. Shopping for each other or shopping together?
  16. Watching a sunrise together or watching a sunset together?
  17. Bubble bath for two or a massage session?
  18. Walking through a park hand in hand or exploring a new city together?
  19. Random acts of kindness for each other or silly pranks on each other?
  20. Singing in the shower together or dancing in the rain together?
  21. Exploring a new hobby together or revisiting a favorite pastime?
  22. Trying out a new restaurant or cooking a new recipe at home?


What are "This or That" questions for couples?

“This or That” questions for couples are prompts that present two options, and partners must choose between them. These questions are designed to spark conversations, explore preferences, and deepen the connection between couples.

How can "This or That" questions benefit my relationship?

“This or That” questions offer an enjoyable way to engage in meaningful conversations as a couple. They can help you uncover new aspects of each other’s personalities, and strengthen your emotional bond.

Can "This or That" questions be used in long-term relationships?

Absolutely! “This or That” questions can benefit couples at any stage of their relationship, including long-term partnerships. They provide an opportunity to continue exploring each other’s preferences, fostering ongoing growth, and maintaining a sense of excitement and curiosity.

Are there any rules or guidelines for playing with "This or That" questions?

There are no strict rules for playing with “This or That” questions. However, it’s important to create a safe and respectful environment where both partners feel comfortable expressing their preferences. Be attentive to each other’s boundaries and always communicate with kindness and understanding.

What if we run out of "This or That" questions for couples?

If you run out of “This or That” questions, don’t worry! Get creative and come up with your own questions based on your interests, experiences, and current situations. Or you can simply play Lovify, which has 600+ Questions from many different couple Topics.


In a world filled with endless distractions, This or That questions for couples offer a captivating escape – a realm where choices become a gateway to profound connection and joy. With each decision, we discover the treasures hidden within our souls and discover the intricacies that make us who we are as individuals and as a couple.

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