Play 5 Best FREE Question Games for Couples in 2023

Are you tired of having the same boring conversations with your partner? There are many fun question games for couples but choosing the right one can be tricky sometimes. 

question games for couples

Each game has its own unique features and advantages.

But don’t Worry, you are at right place. After trying many games, I picked 5 best question games for couples on android and Ios both. 

Best Online Question games for couples

These couple games will help you rediscover your partner. Understand them at deeper levels. Build strong bond and feel even more connected.

But it’s not just about the number of downloads or just ratings – I personally tried each game to evaluate their question quality, user experience, pricing, and app size. So, get ready to rekindle that spark in your relationship. Because we are going to discover the perfect game for you and your partner.

List of top 5 question games for couples :

1. Lovify - Couple Questions Game

The Best Free online Couple Questions game for Fun.
Online Question games for couples
Best couple questions game to play together in realtime.

Lovify is simple & exciting multiplayer questions game for couples on Android & Ios both. 

With online gameplay, its also the best game for couples in long distance relationship. With simple and Clean UI, you will definitely enjoy playing this game.

All questions are well thought and exciting. From romantic to intimate questions. This game covers all aspects of a couples daily life. The game is designed to be played in a friendly and lighthearted way. Which means no arguments or disagreements.

Lovify will help you & your partner explore all hidden corners. And also, promote communication and trust. While adding spark into your relationship.

This couple game also has challenges and dares to compete for extra fun.

lovify logo - question games for couples

Key Features Include –

  • 600+ Questions for couples from Romance, Travel, Intimacy, Sexual, Would you Rather & many more.
  • Well thought and Engaging Questions
  • Online & Realtime gameplay experience makes it easier to play anywhere.
  • Multiplayer means best game for long distance couples.
  • Very Simple and Clean Ui.
  • Lightweight to support any device.
  • Low data & battery consumption.
  • Data Privacy.

Available on : Android & IOS

App Size : 19 Mb

Price : FREE

2. Couple Game : Relationship Quiz

Couple questions game for deep conversations.

couple game relationship quiz logo

Couple game is popular trivia quiz game on playstore. Its another choice if you want to try some more quizzes. While lovify has more fun & romantic questions. Couple game also have some deep questions for couples like finance & future plans.

The questions are well written. Every quiz has almost 12 questions for couples to answer. Anyone can start any quiz at any time and then guess the correct answers later.

New updates are focused more on marriage games for couples. It’s all about communication and knowledge.

Key Features Include

  • Hundreds of questions making Couple Game one of the biggest smartphone games for couples.
  • Questions covering many revealing topics to take your love to the next level.
  • Play at your own pace – save progress to play together in real life then resume anytime
  • Every answer and guess is saved automatically for you to use when stuck for gift ideas, holiday destinations or the perfect date night idea!
  • Online Gameplay.

Available on : Android & IOS 

App Size : 63 Mb

Price : FREE Trial of 5 Quiz then 5$/month

3. Paired

Online question games for couples to know each other better.

paired couple questions app

Paired is a relationship care app that offers daily couple questions, relationship games, quizzes, exercises, and expert video guidance on all relationship subjects — from sex & intimacy to connection and growth. Learn how to care for your relationship and bond with your partner with our library of research-backed, expert-led content.

Paired is a relationship app for all couples — whether you’re married, newly dating, in a long-distance relationship, in couples therapy, or LGBTQ+.

Key Features Include

  • Answer fun daily questions for couples to bring you closer together. You can only see your partner’s response once you have both answered!
  • Learn more about each other’s love language, attachment style, and more with our couple games.
  • Complete interactive couple exercises — from how to navigate arguments to improving your sex life
  • Identify your relationship strength and growth areas by taking a new couples quiz each week
  • Get expert video guidance from our in-house therapists for deeper, more meaningful conversations

Available on : Android & IOS 

App Size :  56 Mb

Price : FREE Trial then 50$/year

4. UpLuv : Couple Questions

Date night couple questions game

upLuv couple questions game

UpLuv is another question games for couples that offers a variety of question types. It also includes fun games to play with your partner. The app has a sleek and modern interface, and the questions are organized into categories for easy browsing.

Key Features Include

  • Deep and funny questions for couples
  • Daily conversations and partner games
  • Simple UI
  • Online gameplay

Available on : Android & IOS 

App Size :  76 Mb

Price : 3 Days FREE Trial then 30$/month

5. Couple Score : Relationship Quiz

Couple questions game to test compatibility
couple score - relationship quiz

Couple Score is a new relationship quiz style app for couples or singles, you can find out more about yourself, your relationship or your partner.

Couple Score is one of the greatest apps for couples, with modern and material design, various features that will improve your relationship. You can find various relationship quiz categories.

Are you a romantic partner or jealous person? Would you like to know if your partner is loyal or generous or not? Start having fun with Couple Score.

Key Features Include

  •  Get your personal score with curated comments and have fun.
  • Answer Curated Questions
  • Different questions and various answers each time you start a quiz
  • Let your partner know your personal score by sharing your results
  • Offline gameplay

Available on : Android

App Size :  19 mb

Price : FREE

Key Takeaway's

Playing some fun question games for couples can help you break daily boring routine. It’s perfect to add some romantic touch to your relationship. With these couple games you can interact with your partner on a whole new level. While strengthening your relationship and nurturing a strong friendship with some funny and deep questions.

With time most relationship gets boring , playing couple games will definitely make your relationship fun and interesting.

Couple Games FAQ's

1. What are question games for couples ?

Question games for couples are games that involve asking questions about each other, their relationship, and preferences. 

Its a great fun way to test who knows who better.

These games are designed to help couples connect, have fun, and learn more about each other.

2. Why play couple questions game ?

By asking and answering questions, your can discover more about each other’s likes, dislikes, values, and goals. Additionally, the game can serve as a bonding experience, as couples can have fun laughing and learning together.

Whether you are newlywed or have been married for years. There is always an opportunity to learn and make your relationship stronger.

Playing couple questions game can be a fun and effective way for you & your partner to build a stronger relationship.

3. How often should you play couple questions games?

The frequency of playing couple games can vary depending on your preferences and schedules. It’s important to find a balance that works for both you and your partner. Also, should fit into your daily or weekly routine.

The more you play the more your relationship gets exciting.

4. Are these question games for Long Distance couples ?

Yes, all questions game can be played in a long-distance relationship! Since most of these couple games are online , so you can easily play it from home or from anywhere.

Distance wont stop you from having fun with your partner.Also, it’s a great way for you to stay connected and get to know each other better.

Major long distance couples face communication issues. With couple questions game you can have new topics every day. It helps make things fun and interesting.

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