9 Best Exciting Apps for Long Distance Couples in 2023

These are many apps available for couples. However, only some apps can be used by Long distance couples. Each app offers unique features and benefits.  

apps for long distance couples

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best apps for long distance couples in 2023 from Play store and App store. Every couple has their own specific needs, so we’ve run down some of the most useful features of each App.

So, you can choose the one among the best. Whether for a virtual date night fun or to improve your relationship, we have it all covered.

Best Apps for long distance couples

1. Lovify - Couple Quiz Game

Best question games app for long distance couples.

online question games for long distance couples

If you want to have Fun, add Spark, and build better understanding, then lovify is a must try couple questions app for you.

Build strong emotional intimacy by discussing deep and meaningful topics with your partner.

Lovify is a two Round couple quiz : 

  • Round 1 : Answer about yourself.
  • Round 2 : Your partner will guess about your likes.

With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, this app can help make your long-distance relationship feel a bit closer.

lovify long distance couples app Screenshot

Key features :

  • 600+ questions for couples from romance, intimacy, movies & travel
  • Realtime Online gameplay
  • Simple and Clean UI
  • Excitement in your relationship
  • New Topics to talk about
  • Feel more closer to your partner

App size : 19 mb

Rating : 4.9 

Price : FREE 

Available on : Android & IOS

2. LuvDiary - Couple relationship

Relationship Tracking app for long distance couples

luvDiary app for long distance couples Screenshots

If you’re looking for an app that can help you stay connected with your long-distance partner, LuvDiary is definitely worth checking out.

Ideal for couples that want to build a timeline for their relationship. The app’s main idea is based on daily journal for couples. With daily diary you can keep track of long distance activities, events and thoughts in private. You can share your journal with your partner or keep it just for yourself. LuvDiary also has a shared calendar and the ability to message one another in real-time.

LuvDiary offers several features that are specifically tailored to the needs of long-distance couples.

Key features :

  • Daily Diary: Keep track of your daily activities, thoughts, and feelings in a private journal that only you and your partner can access.
  • Calendar: Plan future events, like virtual movie nights or anniversary celebrations, and keep track of important dates like birthdays and holidays.
  • Chat: Stay connected with your partner through real-time messaging and voice calls.
  • Photo Album: Share photos and memories with your partner, and organize them into albums for easy browsing.
  • Mood: Choose a picture of yourself that expresses your mood well and share it with your beloved person.

App size : 10 mb

Rating : 4.0 

Price : FREE + in-App Purchase

Available onAndroid

3. Been Together (Ad)

Anniversary app for long distance couples

Been together app screenshots for long distance couples

Been together is an app for couples to remember your anniversary. Its more romantic to see actual days you have been together. Its best app for you, if your are a type of couple that likes to celebrate special dates.

Also the number is shown on the widget, so you can check it without opening the app.

Key Features

  • Calculate and show the number of passed days from the anniversary on the main screen
  • You can see the passed days from the anniversary on widget, notification area, or lock screen
  • Customize the main screen as your own by using photos and changing names
  • Background of the main screen is customizable
  • Notify you by each 100 days from the anniversary
  • Multiple anniversaries on side-menu
  • Share your screen on SNS

App size : 94 mb

Rating : 4.1

Price : FREE

Available on : Android & IOS

4. Coupled - Relationship Tracker

Private Relationship app for long distance couples

With Coupled, you can create your own private space to stay connected with your partner. You can send images, videos and voice messages between each other with the couple chat feature. You can even make voice and video calls to ensure that you stay connected.

The app also comes with a shared album feature, so you can keep all of your memories together and organized. You can even set up a relationship tracker to countdown to special events or important dates. Plus, you can create tasks for things on your to-do list and assign them to one person or tackle them together.

With Coupled, you can choose between gorgeous backgrounds or use your own to personalize your shared space. You can even add your own romantic heading to inspire your love days.

Key features :

  • Private couple chat with instant messaging and direct calls
  • Shared albums for storing memories
  • D-day and countdown counter for couples
  • Task manager for shared to-do lists
  • Customizable backgrounds and profile pictures
  • Shared calendar for important dates and events
  • Multiple display modes for relationship counter
  • Cross-platform capability for syncing on different devices

App size : 28 MB

Ratings : 3.8

Price : Free + In-app Purchases

Available on : Android

5. Between - Private Couples App

Best Chat app for long distance couples

Between app for couples in long distance relationship -Screenshots

Between is a secure messaging app for couples with a built-in calendar and photo album. With Between, you can communicate more romantically and store precious memories. This app is exclusively for couples, giving you a special place to chat with your loved one using free emoticons and GIF selfies to add a more romantic touch to your conversations.

Plus, you can rest assured that all data on Between is encrypted and completely secure, so you can feel confident using it.

Key features :

  • Messenger just for two
  • Free emoticons and GIF selfies to chat more romantically
  • Store photos, videos, and notes easily
  • Schedules and special days saved in one place
  • Automatically calculates countdown for shared calendar and special days
  • Widget feature to check d-days easily
  • All data is encrypted and completely secure.

App size : 54 MB

Ratings : 4.5

Price : Free + In-app Purchases

Available on : Android & IOS

6. Agape - App for Couples

Daily questions app for long distance couples

agape screenshot for long distance relationship couples

Agape the app for couples believe’s in the power of unconditional love and the importance of relationship wellness. This app will make it easy and fun for you to practice relationship wellness.

With just one question a day, Agape will help you stay connected with your long distance partner. All questions are well researched by agape team, some are spicy while others are fun.

Practicing relationship wellness is especially important for long distance couples. Agapé makes it easy and fun for you to actively strengthen and enrich your relationship, no matter the distance.

Key Features :

  • Personalized questions based on decades of research, chosen specifically for you and your partner.
  • Only able to see each other’s responses once you have both responded.
  • Optional categories to further personalize your experience, such as long distance relationships, reconnecting, managing finances, and more.
  • 97% of users surveyed report Agapé positively affecting their relationships.
  • Agape is free to download and use, with premium categories available with a subscription.

App size: 54 MB

Ratings: 4.9

Price: Free + In-app Purchases

Available on : Android & IOS

7. Love Nudge

Love language app for long distance couples

love nudge app screenshots for couples in long distance

Love Nudge is a great way for long-distance couples to stay connected and keep the spark alive.

Long-distance relationships require extra effort and care to maintain the connection between partners. The Love Nudge app can help you express love in meaningful ways that will keep your relationship strong and healthy.

The app allows you to send playful nudges to your partner, encouraging them to express love in ways that will make you feel loved and appreciated.

Key Features:

  • Your Personal Assistant for Relationships
  • Learn Each Other’s Love Languages: Love Nudge takes the concepts of Dr. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages
  • Exchange Encouraging and Playful Nudges.
  • Set and Track Activity Goals.
  • Monitor Love Tank Levels.

App size: 62.6 MB

Ratings: 3.5

Price: Free + In-app Purchases

Available on : Android & IOS

8. Rave - Watch Party

Entertainment app for long distance couples

Being in a long distance relationship doesnt mean you cant have a movie date. With Rave you can enjoy by creating a Watch Party with your long distance partner. You can chat in real-time while watching your favorite content together. Use in-app text chat or voice chat, your choice.

What’s more romantic then listening your favorite music with your love. Guess what? you can enjoy the same on rave as well.It supports various streaming platforms, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and YouTube, among others.

Key Features:

  • CHAT online with your friends while you watch your favorite movies & tv shows with in-app text messages or voice chatting.
  • ENJOY creating a Watch Party to watch movies and tv shows on YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and more streaming sites.
  • SHARE your videos to Google Drive for global movie nights
  • JOIN friends on Android phones, other devices, and even VR.

App size: 99.4 MB

Ratings: 4.3

Price: Free + In-app Purchases

Available on: Android & IOS

9. Intimately Us for Couples

Intimacy app for long distance couples

Intimacy is an essential part of a healthy and fulfilling relationship, but long-distance couples may struggle to keep things exciting and fresh in the bedroom. That’s where Intimately Us comes in! This app is designed specifically for married couples who want to deepen their connection and spice up their intimate life in a fun and clean way.

Key Features:

  • Exciting bedroom games: You can customize these games to your comfort level and explore new ways to pleasure your partner.
  • Daily challenges: Keep the sparks of romance alive with daily challenges that encourage you to show love and affection in creative ways.
  • Sexploration list: Discover what you and your partner like and try new things to keep things exciting and fresh.
  • Intimacy bucket list: Record your favorite intimate moments and fantasies and create a list of things you want to try.
  • Expert articles: Read dozens of articles from sex experts about how to build a fulfilling and healthy sex life for your marriage.
  • Anonymous expert advice: Have a question about sex or intimacy? Ask an expert anonymously and get professional advice.

App size: 99.4 MB

Ratings: 3.7

Price: Free + In-app Purchases

Available on : Android

10. We-Vibe

Intimacy toy app for long distance couples

we-vibe app screenshot for long distance relationship couples

This app can take intimacy in your long distance relationship on a next level. Enjoy a stronger connection than ever. Paired with your favorite toys for intimate play, the new We-Vibe App not only enhances your fun but can unlock all-new features for your toy too.

Plus, video and text chats let you get up close and personal, no matter where you are.

Discover new features and vibe modes or even create your own custom vibes. Take control of your partner’s toy via the app and enjoy spicy moments with a tap of your smartphone screen.

Key Features:

  • Discover new features and vibe modes or even create your own custom vibes.
  • Enjoy sensual moments and refresh your repertoire with our expert guides and intimacy tips.
  • Let your partner know how much fun you’re having through feedback and reaction buttons.
  • Video and text chats.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and premium security.

App size: 96.9 MB

Ratings: 3.3

Price: Free + In-app Purchases

Available on : Android & IOS

Long distance Couple's FAQ

What are the best apps for long distance couples ?

Some of the best Apps for long distance couples are

  • Lovify : couple quiz game
  • LuvDiary : Relationship Tracker
  • Cupla: Relationship Management App

Why is Long distance relationships are Hard ?

Long distance relationships can be challenging for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons why they can be hard:

  • Lack of physical presence
  • Communication difficulties
  • Different time zones
  • Trust issues
  • Financial strain

Long distance relationships require a lot of effort, commitment, and communication to make them work. While they can be challenging, they can also be very rewarding if both partners are willing to put in the work to make it work.

Are long distance relationship Apps worth it ?

Apps for Long distance couples can be a really helpful tools. These apps are designed to help couples stay connected, communicate effectively, and manage their schedules.

Whether these apps are worth it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the couple. Some couples may find that the features offered by these apps are helpful and enhance their relationship, while others may not find them as useful. It’s important to keep in mind that no app can replace the importance of trust, communication, and commitment in a long distance relationship.

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